Dan Marquis with camera in his Kayak

Due to a last minute cancellation by our planned March speaker, Dan Marquis will be filling in with a great talk and slideshow about bird and nature photography. Here is his bio.

“My interest in photography was sparked by my love of nature and the outdoors. I have been an avid bird watcher and kayaker for some twenty years. Both of these pursuits afford me many photo opportunities. My favorite types of photography are nature close-ups and landscapes… opposite ends of the photographic spectrum. Landscape photography allows me to show the grand picture, the scenes that people pass by daily, but may not see. With my close-up images I try to illustrate the patterns and colors that nature offers to those who are willing to take the time to look for them.”
More recently I have become quite involved with cityscape photography, mostly with the Lewiston-Auburn area, and particularly at dawn and dusk. There is so much great architecture here in the twin cities, and the skylines are second to none. I strive to show our communities in a way that most people just don’t see in their day to day lives. When somebody tells me, after looking at one of my cityscapes, “wow, I never knew L/A could look so nice”, I feel that my photo has served its purpose.