The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is pleased to announce that the Maine Breeding Bird Atlas has launched! Over the next 5 years, we hope that you will contribute your eBird observations to the Atlas effort in Maine. All of the information that you need to start contributing bird records can be found on the Maine Bird Atlas webpage:

The Maine Bird Atlas is a citizen science project, which means it’s dependent on volunteers to conduct most of the data collection. Maine has a strong birding community of both residents and visitors that we hope will contribute to the largest bird monitoring effort to ever occur in the state.

Sign up to observe birds near your home, at camp, or adopt a whole block. And, spread the word – We need your help! Attached is the first issue of the Black-capped Chronicle, the official newsletter of the Maine Bird Atlas, that you can forward to your birding buddies.

Happy Birding!

Glen Mittelhauser
Maine Bird Atlas Coordinator

Adrienne Leppold
Maine Bird Atlas Director

FYI, From SBC’s Stan DeOrsey:
What this is about is recording data on birds which nest in Maine. The state is divided into blocks and all birders have been asked to note any nesting bird by recording the location (block), date, and how nesting was determined. There are various codes which translate to “possible,” “probable,” or “confirmed” nesting. This will continue for 5 years so you will hear more over time.