Join us June 7th – 9th for the inaugural Rangeley Birding
Festival to experience the rich bird life that flourishes at the
intersection of northern forest, stunning, clear lakes and the High
Peaks of western Maine.

The Rangeley Lakes region is the premier birding destination for rare
and sought-after species in New England. Deep in the heart of Maine’s
lush boreal forest, Rangeley provides a convenient hub to find northern
specialties like Black-backed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, and Boreal
Chickadee, as well as breeding warblers including Cape May,
Bay-breasted, and Mourning.

What sets the Rangeley Birding Festival apart from all others is the
breeding grounds. While other festivals hope to catch birds as they
migrate through, in Rangeley they’ve reached their destination and are
on territory. This means that birds are more reliable (though not
guaranteed, this is still birding after all!) and displaying different
behaviors than in migration. No other festival in New England provides
such convenient access to so many boreal birds. Don’t miss it!

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