Planned Giving

We’ve Come This Far Because of People Who Cared…

Anthony – Thorne – Kavanaugh – Woodbury

Any gift to the Stanton Bird Club may entitle you to a tax deduction to lessen your tax burden significantly
both for estate and income taxes. For information on how these types of gifts might benefit you, we encourage you to contact your attorney or financial advisor.

Two Main Types of Giving

I. An outright gift or pledge

  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Appreciated Assets (Securities and mutual funds,  real estate, insurance policies)
    Your income deductions may be enhanced by giving the Stanton Bird Club assets which you purchased at a lower cost than their current value. Your annual contributions have significant impact on the Club’s programs for education outreach, land acquisition. and stewardship.

II. Future or Deferred Gifts (Planned Giving)

  • Gifts by Will or Trust
    You may always include the Stanton Bird Club (SBC) in your will or living trust. Leaving such a gift may well save tax dollars and be able to pass greater value to your family. Gifts to SBC are deductible for both state and federal estate taxes.

Your will could include the following gift language:

“I devise to the Stanton Bird Club, Lewiston, ME, (the sum of $______) or (_____%) of the rest, residue, remainder of my estate both real and personal for its general purposes.”


Three Types of Gifts:

Gift of a Retirement Plan

Make a gift of almost any personal retirement savings account (including IRA and qualified pension and profit sharing plans) by simply sending a new beneficiary designation to the plan administrator naming ‘Stanton Bird Club” as beneficiary. SBC encourages you to name SBC as beneficiary of residual amounts that remain in a retirement plan following death. This is a very simple way to make a deferred gift and may result in a substantial tax savings to your estate and to your heirs.

Gift of Insurance

Designate SBC as beneficiary of the policy, accomplished, by simply sending a new beneficiary designation to the insurance company naming “Stanton Bird Club” as the beneficiary or make SBC the owner of a new policy on your life. If you choose to make SBC owner of a policy on your life, certain tax deductions may be available to you.

Gift of Stock

Contact your broker to arrange the transfer to Stanton Bird Club, Although you may have purchased this stock for little value, you may be able to deduct its present worth.


Your gift is a simple and meaningful way to benefit the Stanton Bird Cub
These examples are merely some suggestions; there are additional ways to provide needed support. We would be pleased to explore with you the various methods through which you can include the Stanton Bird Club in your gift planning and to provide you and/or your legal or financial adviser information about the benefits that may be available to you.

For further information, please contact:

Linda Seamans
Director of Planned Giving
Stanton Bird Club