Egret on the Nezinscot River Kayak trip leader Bonnie Soper on the Nezinscot River Cardinal Flower in bloom on the Nezinscot River Loon shaking water from its bill Adult Loon stretching wings, with a well-grown chick Common Loon with chick Barn Swallow bringing food to nestlings



Field Trip Results

Saint Peter’s Cemetery

We had a wonderful morning walk from St. Peter's Cemetery to Gulf Island Dam and back. Ten people braved the perfect weather to join the Read More...


Jonathan Y. "Uncle Johnny" Stanton

Jonathan Y. “Uncle Johnny” Stanton

The Stanton Bird Club was founded in 1919 and named in honor of Dr. Jonathan Y. Stanton, a professor at Bates College in Lewiston. “Uncle Johnny” was much beloved on the Bates College campus.  Among other subjects, he taught ornithology and took Bates students on bird outings.  When the Club was organized in 1919 it was just after Stanton’s death, and so it was named in his honor.

Over the years, a number of parcels of land were donated to the Club. These donations have grown to encompass 372 acres, known as the Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary, in the heart of Lewiston, Maine’s second largest city.

The Club also owns and manages the 401 acre Woodbury Bird Sanctuary in Monmouth.

The Club is made up of people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, but they all share a love of nature in general, and birds in particular. Today there are some 300 club members, including about 20 Junior Naturalists. A Board of Directors oversees the Club’s finances and activities, both of which have grown tremendously in the last decade.

Although almost all of the Stanton Bird Club’s activities are free of charge, membership is encouraged because dues help finance stewardship programs at Thorncrag and educational programs of the Junior Naturalists, as well as help fund the Club’s two other sanctuaries.  To join, visit the Membership page or click Donate Now

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Field Trip This Saturday, September 12

The Stanton Bird Club will hold a walk this SATURDAY, Sept. 12 at St. Peter's Cemetery, Lewiston. We will meet at the Promenade Mall (855 Read More...


President’s Perch – Volunteers Needed

Did you know the Stanton Bird Club will turn 100 years old in 2019? While this may seem like a long way from 2015, the Read More...
david footer magazine cover

SBC Member David Footer on the cover of L A Magazine