Junior Naturalist Program Schedule

Tuesday, October 6: Program: 
Tree Leaves and Collecting” with Alan Seamans

Saturday, October 10: Field Trip:
 Fall Tree Hike at Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary

Tuesday, November 3: Program:
Fishers” with Ben Nugent, Federal Biologist

Saturday, November 7: Field Trip:
New Gloucester Fish Hatchery

Tuesday, December 1: Program:
“Night Sky” with Grant Connors

Saturday, December 5: Field Trip:
 Bates College Planetarium

Tuesday, January 5: Program:
Junior Naturalist Trivia Night” with Alan Seamans

Saturday, January 9: Field Trip:
“Bugs for Dinner” on site at Sandcastle, Lewiston

Tuesday, February 5: Program:
“All About Weather” with Mallory Brooks, Meteorologist, Ch.8

Saturday, February TBA: Field Trip:
 “Building Birdhouses”  on site at Sandcastle, Lewiston (bring a hammer)

Tuesday, March 1: Program:
“Panning for Gold” with Grant Connors

Saturday, March TBA: Field Trip:
 “Maple Syrup Making”

Tuesday, April 5: Program:
“Vernal Pools” with Chewonki

Saturday, April TBA: Field Trip:
“Exploring Vernal Pools” at Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary with Alan Seamans

Special Field Trip, Date TBA:
NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office in Gray

Tuesday, May 3: Program:
“Rock Hounding II” with Mr. Drew

Saturday, May 7: Field Trip:
“Exploring a Feldspar Dump” at Mt Apatite with Mr. Drew