Member and Supporter Information

The Stanton Bird Club’s ongoing stewardship of its sanctuaries and its diverse, year-round educational programs for children and adults are dependent on the annual generosity of its Members-Supporters. These area residents come from different backgrounds and different circumstances; they have different talents and varied interests. For over 90 years new generations have joined with their elders to assure Stanton’s continuity.

Stanton is not affiliated with any other environmental or conservation organization. No municipal funds support it. The club is local and grass-roots. It alone owns and cares for the three nature sanctuaries – Thorncrag, Woodbury, and Applesass. There are no paid staff of any kind. Its highly-qualified field trip leaders are all volunteers. The Board of Directors serve as volunteers. Despite all this, programs are free and open to everyone. Access to all the sanctuaries are also free and open to persons who respect their purpose: to protect wildlife and to study and appreciate both wildlife and its habitats.

Many people become Members-Supporters because they share the same or similar values which Stanton represents. These values focus first on protecting and caring for land sanctuaries within which nature’s diverse flora and fauna can flourish. The values’ second focus is on teaching and nurturing both an accurate understanding of, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Members-Supporters help bring these values to bear on our common life.

There are also other, more personal benefits for Members-Supporters. They receive our quarterly newsletter, The Chickadee Chronicle, as well as schedules of monthly meetings and field trips. The meetings cover a wide range of natural history topics. Day field trips include, of course, bird watching under expert guidance. Persons with little or no knowledge are welcomed on these trips. Special events and occasions sponsored jointly with other environmental or cultural groups are always called to the attention of Members-Supporters. This website is regularly updated with news.

Member – Supporter Program

To make a financial contribution by personal checkdownload the member-supporter-program-form to register your financial support for Stanton and/or your interest in being a volunteer. A written acknowledgment of your donation will be sent.

To make a contribution with your credit card, click on the NETWORK FOR GOOD icon and follow its instructions. You may opt not to provide any of your contact information if you wish, but we would appreciate it if you would so that we may properly thank you. Rest assured that none of your contact info will ever be shared or sold to any other organization.


Basic Supporter $25
Friend $60
Naturalist $125
Land Steward $250
Stantonian $500+


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