Did you know the Stanton Bird Club will turn 100 years old in 2019? While this may seem like a long way from 2015, the Stanton board of directors and other dedicated members have started to plan for this upcoming milestone. Given the club’s rich history, commitment to education and land stewardship, and partnership with the local communities surrounding the Thorncrag and Woodbury Sanctuaries, we have reason to celebrate our centennial anniversary! However, we cannot make this happen without significant involvement from our membership. Already, committees are forming to plan for upcoming special events. Others will be working on fundraising efforts and a centennial membership drive. Other groups will focus on event publicity and creating a centennial publication. What does this mean? We need your help! Regardless of your particular background or area of expertise, we are asking for your participation. Some of you have been members of this club for a long time and have wonderful stories to tell. Maybe you or your family have been impacted by the educational efforts of the club. Perhaps you are an avid birder and attend the many field trips. Or maybe you just enjoy the wonderful sanctuaries and the efforts of the stewardship team to maintain the natural habitat. Regardless of your reason for being a member supporter, you can play a role in helping us to make the Stanton Bird Club’s 100th anniversary a celebration to remember. Please join us in our effort and reach out to one of the board members, or send me an email at [email protected].