As I reflect upon Earth Day 2015, I would like to take a moment to
bring you up to speed on some of the wonderful things going on
within your Stanton Bird Club! As warmer weather approaches, our
dedicated stewardship team is hard at work maintaining nearly 10
miles of trails and preparing to maintaining the natural balance of
native plants and wildlife habitat throughout the over 750 acres. In
2014, the stewardship team facilitated the restoration of a three
acre meadow portion of our No Name Brook parcel on
Thorncrag’s east side. At Woodbury the CMP work was finally completed on the
massive power line project allowing us to move forward to restore
the trail sections the heavy equipment disturbed. In addition, the
newly formed Monmouth Conservation Commission has agreed to
help us publicize Woodbury in the Monmouth area. As more and
more families use our Sanctuaries our commitment to keeping
them clean, safe and welcoming for our human visitors while at the
same time protecting the natural habitat of our resident birds,
plants and animals is increasingly important.
Our educational efforts continue to include a robust schedule of
field trips and the club’s informative monthly meetings .
The Sunday afternoon program offered April -June and September-November
has become very popular. In addition, the Junior Naturalist
program remains a vital part of the educational effort offered by
Stanton. Club volunteers work with youth one evening per month
to study nature related topics, followed by field trips to further
solidify the learning process. Some of the Jr. Naturalist programs
included studying beavers, bird migration flyways, tide pools, and
minerals of Maine.
As you reflect upon Earth Day 2015, please consider all of the
wonderful activities your Stanton Bird Club has accomplished, and
will continue to accomplish in the coming year. Please continue to
stand with us through your volunteer efforts and financial support!
Here’s to another GREAT YEAR!