The Stanton Bird Club will hold our last walk of the year this Wednesday, Oct. 18 at Sabattus Pond for ducks. Meet at 8am in the Sabattus Antique Mall parking lot on Route 126 at the south end of Sabattus Pond.

We will look for a variety of ducks which are already there. We will walk some gravel roads. This is always a fun walk. We will meet even if it is drizzling, but if there is a steady rain at 7am and it is projected to continue to 10am, the walk is canceled. We will end by 11am but you may leave early if desired.

Please join us, all walks are free and open to anyone who likes nature, enjoys walking, and wants to see new places. We hope you will join us. For any questions,  email Stan or Joan DeOrsey at [email protected].