“Are you looking for a fun place for your child to spend a week this summer learning about nature? Then join us for a Thorncrag Nature Week”.


Through hikes, games, crafts, interactive learning and a whole lot of fun, your child will gain an appreciation for nature and the outdoor world

Day I – Branching Out
Children will be introduced to the Sanctuary through a nature-based, age-appropriate curriculum. We’ll spend the morning getting to know more about trees and ferns. How can you tell the age of a tree? How can you tell the difference in ferns? We’ll be making leaf name badges.

Day 2 – Rock Our World
Stone walls, ledges and glacial erratics -Thorncrag has all three. We’ll spend the morning studying the landscape at the Sanctuary.

Day 3 – Bird’s Eye View
Armed with binoculars, we’ll spend the morning in the fields of Thorncrag learning about birds of that environment as well as some history of folks who lived there over the years. We’ll take a look at the bones of birds and gain a better understanding of how they can fly. This is the International Year of the Bird so let’s celebrate!

Day 4 – What’s Bugging You
Bugs, insects, spiders, dragonflies – what’s the difference? What do ants eat – we’ll do an activity to find out. How do spiders move across their webs without becoming stuck? Let’s make some dragonflies.

Day 5 – Pon-de-licious
Exploring ponds can be so much fun as you never know what you might find! We’ll be nature detectives – a popular activity from last year with new clues and signs to read. Time to celebrate the week and all that we’ve learned.